Вера Брежнева попала под критику
The singer presented his new work.

The frame of the clip “Feel”

Vera Brezhnev presented to the public new
creation — a music video for their first English song “Feel”. It would seem that in the video
all to attract the attention of fans: beautiful special effects and exciting
candid shots in which the singer appeared half-naked. The result
most fans were delighted from seen pictures.

But the song of Faith came under harsh criticism. Fans, hinting at a strong emphasis Brezhnev, felt that the lyrics to her it would be better to carry on
Russian language. However, the singer explained
this work was born from the English version. “Songs
born different… With different moods
different patterns, in different languages. Once there was a song Feel. And entered
the album Ververa. Not for something, not for some reason. Just at this tune went
such lyrics…” — said the singer.

By the way, in the video 34-year-old Faith once again showed what great physical shape she is in. Order. to preserve the beauty, Brezhnev puts a lot of effort. However, the main secret weapon of the singer, as she has admitted, is love.

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