Vera Brezhnev became a victim of fraud in the Network

Вера Брежнева стала жертвой мошенников в Сети

The use of the star name to advertise and attract new customers – excellent reception. However, a hundred it works in that case, if the celebrity cooperates on mutually beneficial conditions. But there are cases when the name of the star appears in ads without her knowledge. So, for example, happened with Vera Brezhneva.

On his page in Instagram singer said that the fraud on its behalf engaged in distribution of cosmetics are not the best quality. Many customers have time to complain about Faith in promoting its product: “the Last time my picture is used for advertising cosmetics! My name! I am not a face of any beauty brand at the moment. Please only believe what is written in my account” — wrote Leonid Brezhnev and urged Network users to be as vigilant to avoid becoming victims of fraud.

Previously, Vera Brezhneva upset that her achievements in Ukraine is not marked by any awards.