Вера Алентова удивила моложавым внешним видом
Yulia Menshova has noted the birthday in the circle of relatives.

Вера Алентова удивила моложавым внешним видом

Yuliya Menshova

Photo: @juliavmenshova Instagram Yulia Menshovoj

Yesterday in the house of Yulia Menshovoj was a festive atmosphere:
actress and TV presenter turned 49 years old. Menchov said that he fully
accept yourself and your age. What’s her secret? Julia said the other day about
small women’s tricks that helps to get used to appearing
wrinkles on the face.

“If seriously,
age for some reason I have never had any problems. Except in early youth,
when I wanted to become older. Maybe it’s because birthday in the middle of the year, but
as I came January of any new year, mentally somehow
added a year and to the month of July was more and more at home with numbers? — reflects Menchov. But rather, because every passing year just added
me “making” myself relieved from any comparisons about the competition with anyone
whatever it was, and gave an incomparable freedom of feelings: this is who I am. And
no other. For it
feeling, perhaps you can pay and wrinkles…”

Vera Alentova, Vladimir Menshov, Igor Gordin and Yulia Menshova with children: Andrew and Taisiya

Photo: @juliavmenshova Instagram Yulia Menshovoj

Evening all, Julia’s family gathered at the big table to congratulate the birthday girl. The celebration was attended by her children: son Andrew and daughter Taisia, her husband Igor Gordin and parents — Vladimir Menshov and Vera Alentova. Yulia’s mother rarely appears at social events, perhaps that is why her presence on the shared photos from the party attracted the attention of a large number of Network users. Fans noted that the 76-year-old Alentova looks very young — almost the same age as his daughter.