Velichenko shocked his fans

Вуличенко шокировала своих поклонников
The actress decided to share with them a tray of pies!

“To keep fit, doing home stretching, twice a week I go to fitness club. Love swimming, Cycling, skiing, horseback riding”

Photo: Olesya, Gohari/Oliesia Ghohabi

Recently the actress posted on
his page in Instagram photos with a whole tray of buns. Fans got used to that
Catherine is struggling with excess weight and not allow himself to relax, though
recently and complained that the winter gains weight on a few pounds, so jeans
sit not like summer. The actress tries to avoid fast carbs — cakes, candies,
bread in any form. Even boasted, say, a couple of months, didn’t eat cakes —
and I managed to wean itself from the sweet. And suddenly a tray of cakes and the caption: “Who
Kinotavrik? I made them myself!” Only from the last sentence of the caption to the photo it becomes clear that
mouthwatering pastries in hand Velichenko — only props.

In fact, Catherine has long nourished
right. For example, have replaced cow’s milk on goat: “Used not once, but now it seems that the only way
tasty, and healthy: goat yogurt, goat cheese”. But to refuse meat she
sees no need: “I can’t, you don’t see the point. Besides, from the meat
no one was fat. Are proteins, they can afford even in the evening,” she believes

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