‘ve outdone yourself: Volochkova made the PA at the hairdresser

Превзошла себя: Волочкова сделала па в парикмахерской

The dancer posted a photo of the cabin, shocking fans.

I think the attacks Volochkova surprised it is already impossible? Wrong!

This time Anastasia posted a photo of beauty salon. And what? No, not without makeup, as it is now fashionable.

Volochkova, as usual, stretched his legs and nicely bent handle. And all would be good if the legs of a ballerina at this point were not in the foil and over the hair would not have bothered the master.

“Anastasia, you have outdone yourself”, “the Spectacle is not for the faint of heart” – immediately began to throw comments fans of the stars.

Popular ballerina in response just laughed it off: “And now after five interviews and filming came to a beauty salon to my friend Tanya. Girls, treated with understanding to my stress and schedule, we left after the show and gave me fast service! Sonia – the best manicure, pedicure and hairdressing!”

But we Anastasia does not condemn. On the contrary! Well, judge for yourself: just a selfie, and so much positive! And, in the end, what is our life? Maybe twine?!

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