Vdovichenkov and Lyadova at Cannes back in childhood

Вдовиченков и Лядова в Каннах вернулись в детство
Actors in France took a ride on the carousel.

Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Elena Lyadova

Photo: Instagram.com

All evening the couple Elena Lyadova and Vladimir Vdovichenkov activities carried out on the 69-th Cannes film festival, which is being held in France. And in the morning and in the afternoon acting couple is walking on the Croisette. Today, after leaving my hotel, Elena and Vladimir decided to briefly indulge in children’s entertainment. They took a ride on the big carousel, which is right on the front of the Festival Palace.

Elena recently started a personal blog in Instagram, and Vladimir, though registered in the social network more than a year ago, it became an active user at the same time with the beloved. The couple constantly publish short videos about their lives in blogs: riding the carousel, travel in the car before the opening of the festival and even walk down the red carpet at the Festival Palace…

By the way, the couple arrived in France a few days before the opening of the film festival. Vladimir and
Elena combined pleasant with useful: had a little rest after
numerous shootings and visited one of the most important secular
events — the Dior dinner party. The fashion house is constantly inviting them to
your evening, and this time the organizers presented the stars of the nominal
the bottle of perfume. “It was such a pleasant surprise!” — smiles Lyadova.

The star couple lives in the hotel opposite the Palace
festivals, where the world’s oldest film festival. Despite
the proximity of the place of residence to the red carpet the couple, like other
the stars pulled up in a car provided by the organizers. On
the opening ceremony of the festival Vladimir, according to the dress code, wearing a tuxedo with
butterfly, and Elena was wearing a long white dress with a black border. For
the after party, the actress chose a black outfit.


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