Vasily Utkin will comment on the matches of the 2018 world Cup on the Ground

Василий Уткин будет комментировать матчи ЧМ-2018 на Первом
The presenter shared his plans.

Vasily Utkin

Utkin will join the First team in the world Cup FIFA 2018 in
as a television commentator.

“I really
nice to finally say out loud that I’ll comment on world Cup matches
football on the First channel, — said Utkin. — I would not like
to pass by such an event at home. It so happened that I slipped
by the Olympics, I had problems with my vocal cords. And if these
four years, I would have missed the world Cup, perhaps this would be a reason
to think about karma. And I about karma don’t normally think of because these things do not believe.
I believe in work, love football and am very glad that you will hear my voice in the air
in the coming days.”

The first channel
will show all world Cup matches, 27 of them in live TV,
including the two group games of the national team of Russia (with Saudi Arabia on 14 June and
Uruguay June 25), as well as games involving the top favorites of the tournament
Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, England and Argentina!

Also The First
the Russian channel will offer fans a unique broadcast all the 64 matches
The world Cup in the framework of the special project on the official website First at in an exclusive mobile app First, and in
app Smart TV format ultra HD 4K.

Online soccer special the First also offered
advanced functionality of the second screen, which will be available to everyone
fans on any device, and varied video content, including
instant publication of all the goals and dangerous moments of highlights
of all the matches. For the first time Russian fans will have the opportunity
to choose the camera to view the matches of the world championship and
change them on your own. The interactive timeline will allow at any time to move to
any episode of the match and consider it from all possible angles.
Online special project is also a detailed statistics of the 2018 world Cup matches, players,
teams, arenas, full tournament schedule, news, and promos fragments
training, interview with players and coaches, exclusive footage backstage
of the tournament.