Василий Уткин об уходе с Первого канала: «У меня нет обиды на Эрнста» Vasily Utkin has clarified reasons why he had to go First in the midst of the world Cup. According to the commentator, the decision was taken not Konstantin Ernst, so claims to the General Director of the channel had not.
Василий Уткин об уходе с Первого канала: «У меня нет обиды на Эрнста»

During the long months of Vasily Utkin dreamed about to comment on the matches home world Cup. Before the New year in the social network, he even said he was willing to believe in Santa Claus if he will be offered such work.

Except it turns out that it is more difficult to get an appointment dreams and to keep. At least as early as June 19, after just a few days after the start of the world Cup, Utkin recorded a video message and said that to comment on a home world Championships will be no more.

Then the reasons for the sudden departure of Basil remained unknown, but in a recent interview, he did share details. As it turned out, the commentator has no claims to Konstantin Ernst and thank him for the opportunity.

“When we were talking about the termination of cooperation, I realized that I have a rare opportunity to say Ernst that I think about it. At this point it became obvious that to me it is nothing bad to do. And I have nothing to fear, nothing to ask, because our cooperation is over. And I said I always wanted to work with him. I am very pleased that this meeting took place. I’m sorry we interrupted, but the First channel is completely innocent. I can’t be no grudge against him. In General,” said Utkin.
Василий Уткин об уходе с Первого канала: «У меня нет обиды на Эрнста»

The broadcaster said that I would not like to delve into the true causes of the conflict. According to Basil, the people who understand the sport and modern politics, it is not difficult to guess who made the decision regarding his dismissal.

“I want to clarify one more thing. I read all the comments that I wrote under my treatment. And realized that people have the feeling that the First somehow kicked me out or change my mind. In the air change. This is not so. We did not break off relations, if you paid attention. The first channel is de jure fulfilled the contract. We had an agreement about the work that I have done. And which he completely with me paid off. The fee is still not paid — it is necessary to sign a contract. But will pay. Although I don’t even know what’s the fees,” said the commentator.

Earlier Utkin stressed that it will transfer all of its fee earned on the First channel, to charity. From his words, he refuse clearly did not intend, moreover, Basil plans to make a really generous donation, adding the amount of personal savings.

In the end, the commentator said that the suspects, who fired him from the First channel, but does not want to mention names to avoid problems. Despite the General disappointment with which he was faced after receiving the news about the suspension, now Utkin enough work. He acted in films, developing a YouTube channel and is a frequent guest of various programs.

Communicating with Sports.ru Vasily said he did not regret the work on the First channel. And let he managed to comment on just a couple of games, but the number of his fans in recent months has increased markedly.