Vasily Stepanov washes trolley to repay the loan for the treatment

Василий Степанов моет троллейбусы, чтобы выплатить кредит за лечение The artist is forced to accept any job. Basil family at the time took the Bank a large sum, so he could seek the assistance of medical professionals. Now relatives Stepanova needs to pay off debts.

      Василий Степанов моет троллейбусы, чтобы выплатить кредит за лечение

      After a stellar role in the film “Inhabited island” actor in a career lull. Stepanov went into “manic depression”. To help him, the family has taken a loan of half a million rubles. Now I don’t know how to deal with the debt.

      “First, the VA treated without doctors, says “StarHit” Maxim, brother of the actor. – Every weekend we invited his friends for spiritual gatherings. Sometimes the family were away at the cottage. But it’s depressing not retreated… Then I went to the Metropolitan psychiatrists – have chosen the professional of the business, the price of 10 thousand rubles per session. He spat on the rates, agreed. Progress was obvious: six months later, Vaska came to himself a little, interested in business and business books. For greater effect, the doctor suggested to take medications. They were sold only in America, insanely expensive, ordered through a friend. Money has ceased to suffice, he decided on credit.”

      Seven years of oblivion: Vasily Stepanov fled from depression and poverty

      A relative of the artist was forced to work hard, because he was afraid that the time will be lost. “I always worked three jobs, plus parents penny helped. But the family discouraged: “don’t need these banks, to save themselves!” I rested – until we see progress, to throw treatment it is impossible…”

      First brother Stepanova received a loan of 200 thousand rubles. The money flew fast. Then took another 300.

      “Bob helped to extinguish these loans. He secretly arranged a night washer trolleybuses in the fleet – washing for 15 per shift. The next morning the brother came back, was put on the table five thousand and quietly went to bed. Until recently he didn’t tell anyone earns. Said only: “the Most important thing pay!” Only confessed a few months later. Treatment ended, and the debts remained. We plan to repay in 2017. Bob now had plenty of offers for filming in movies. He readily agrees, remembering about the debt. Money I had not asked and do not take. Say: “This is my problem, will understand!” But brother Fox, puts part of the salary to my card with the caption: “Thank you, that was close!”