Vasily Stepanov returns to the cinema

Василий Степанов возвращается в кинематограф

Finally, in the life of Russian actor Vasily Stepanov, stars tape “Inhabited island”, came a bright stripe. The young man, who has long toiled against unemployment and suffering from a severe mental condition, got work again in movies.

About this happy Basil said on his page on Instagram. Judging by the photos, which Stepanov has published in his microblog, this film is military time.
“#tankers” — briefly he signed the photo, which shows him in military uniform and glasses, fans and followers immediately perked up and began to congratulate him and rejoice because he goes out of oblivion.
Recall that after the release of the film “Inhabited Island” and the crazy popularity of Basil fell into a depression. As it turned out the film became a springboard for the mega-successful film career, and soon: forgotten. The actor, once a recognized sex symbol, fell into a depression that led to the treatment of mental problems. I hope this mysterious film will be able to return Stepanova in the film.