Василий Степанов объяснил, почему у него нет девушки The star of “Inhabited island” and did not want to think about marriage. Vasily Stepanov admits that his former classmates now family. The actor himself is in no hurry to establish his personal life. He has other plans.

      Eight years ago, when the big screens out a fantastic action movie “the Inhabited island, the whole country learned about Vasily Stepanov. In the Russian film industry has a new sex symbol. Tall blonde with blue eyes has made an incredible impression on the female half of the population. The young talent was intended for the laurels of the Russian Brad pitt.

      However, the fate of Stepanova has been different. Some time after the resounding popularity of Basil has ceased to appear in public, and then completely disappeared from public view. The actor argues with fans assumption that he could not cope with the test of fame. In the end, Stepanov was unclaimed for a long period of time. New circumstances forced the once brightly burning star to give up the idea of marriage.

      “Sometimes with me meet girls – he never learned to take the first step. But seriously: while I have no job, who wants me? Even in a restaurant friend cannot lead, it also takes money. And we live nowhere – not with parents in thirty years to live? Many say: “Find a wealthy woman and live at her expense”. But I can’t… the Ideal is not looking for just waiting like someone needs to be a common topic of conversation. And that, you know, rarity,” – says the actor.

      I wonder what Basil does not lose hope that someday his personal life will improve. But now he is focused on getting back into the profession. Stepanov goes to different castings, watching movies where it draws inspiration. In the future he plans to become a popular actor and father of a large family.

      Seven years of oblivion: Vasily Stepanov fled from depression and poverty

      “My former classmates have long wives, children… And I do not leave hope that I will have a family. But until just ready to meet. To the Registrar I will not drag! And the parents we’ve already agreed. Although they, too, ever get tired of sitting on their neck. In the first place for me now is back in the movie. Was my career the rise and painful fall that I have just now recovered. During this time, lost a lot of weight, lost form – no more of those pumped biceps, which drew the attention of Fyodor Bondarchuk…” – says Stepanov in an interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories”.

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