Vasily Stepanov, for the first time revealed details of the falling out the window

Василий Степанов впервые поделился подробностями падения из окна The star of the blockbuster “the Inhabited island” spoke about the recent incident that caused a huge public outcry. Vasily Stepanov has denied speculation about an unstable psyche. Currently, the actor is recovering at home.
Василий Степанов впервые поделился подробностями падения из окна

In April, the actor Vasily Stepanov fell out of the window, then turned in a psychiatric hospital. The news about what happened with the young man, caused a great public resonance. Some have even suggested that Stepanov has unstable mental condition, but his family denied this information.

Yesterday it became known that Basil was discharged from the hospital and continued to recover at home. The journalists visited the artist and found out the details of his condition. Reports are that Stepanov is gradually getting better and intends to return to the profession. During the conversation with the media a young man for the first time he spoke about the fall from the window. According to Vasily, he saved the cat. The actor did not think to bring with them scores, as suggested by some Internet users.

Brother Vasily Stepanov told about his rehabilitation after the fall

“I rescued a cat, she crawled over the ledge of the third floor. Got down from his fifth and wanted to get her out but failed. The result was a broken leg and arm. If it fell from the fifth floor, then perhaps all would not end well… Hard to say what survived for the second, when he fell down. I remember that I woke up on the ground, felt the pain in hand, leg. Of course, could not move. I saw people who were on the street and called an ambulance. Nobody was at home: his brother was working and mom went,” said the actor.
Василий Степанов впервые поделился подробностями падения из окна

The representative of the artist Alexander Kaminski explained to journalists how he was in a specialized hospital. “Physicians are unable to determine that Basil was happening, and decided to err – led and psychiatric help,” he said.

As for the psychiatric diagnoses of the stars of the film “Inhabited island”, as explained Huminski, such speculation is not true. “Of course, Basil has a number of problems, but not to the extent in which presents them to the press,” he said.

At the moment Vasily Stepanov focused on their health. The actor says that he is doing well. Spare time, Basil is dedicated to reading books. On the street he tries not to leave, because to travel with a cast on my leg uncomfortable. Very soon, Stepanov says, the bandage should be removed. “To the balcony did not agree well, because now there is a fear of heights,” added the young man in conversation with the correspondent of “Companion”.