Vasily Livanov became a grandfather for the fourth time

Василий Ливанов стал дедом в четвертый раз The youngest son of actor had a daughter Alice. Great news about the new addition to the family of Vasily Livanov sounded in the program “When all the houses”. The executor of a role of Sherlock Holmes in the cult TV series Soviet era incredibly happy birth baby.
Василий Ливанов стал дедом в четвертый раз

Well-known actor, 82-year-old Vasily Livanov and his family became the heroes of the program “When all the houses”. In the beginning, the presenter Timur Kizyakov told viewers that almost twenty-five years to persuade Vasily Borisovich to invite a film crew. According to the artist, during this time his family increased significantly. And the last member came to light less than a couple of months ago. For the first time, dad was the youngest son of Vasily Livanov, the 33-year-old Nicholas. The executor of a role of Sherlock Holmes presented his family gathered at a large table in the cosy living-room viewers.

“My eldest son Boris, beloved granddaughter Eva, my beloved wife Elena, my youngest son Nicholas, and my favorite, mother Tanya, daughter-in-law, great warmth in her voice as listed Vasily Livanov. – And in the next room sleeping little-a little man, my granddaughter Alice. She’s not two months.”
Василий Ливанов стал дедом в четвертый раз

Alice was the fourth granddaughter of a famous artist. The eldest daughter of Vasily Livanov from his first marriage, Anastasia presented him with two grandchildren – Nina and Ksenia, and then the father pleased with the son of Boris, had a baby girl eve, which for fifteen years. The education of girls due to life circumstances, do her grandparents. And not so long ago the father was pleased with the younger son Nikolai.

During transmission Levanovich daughter Tatyana recalled, as a future husband introduced her to his family.

“It was an exciting moment. Nick very quickly introduced me to his parents. I don’t even expect,” admitted the young woman.

And Vasily Livanov gave to understand that he knows how to develop the relationship of his son and Tatiana.

Василий Ливанов стал дедом в четвертый раз“They met on the subway, and nick immediately fell in love with Tanya, – said the actor. – He figured when she goes, and with a rose in his hand met her. And then she fell in love.”

Nikolai Livanov admitted that confidence in their actions it was brought up by his father. “I had the audacity, and even my soul goes to the heel, I overcame my fear and went to Tatyana, – said Nikolai. – I knew that if Tanya goes, in my life nothing good will happen. Taught my father if the girl really like, it is necessary to gather all forces in a fist. Otherwise it will not work”.