Василий Лановой: испытание войной и смерть сына Today the actor celebrates his birthday. He is familiar to viewers for numerous roles in movies and acting theater. E. Vakhtangov. For his life Vasily Lanovoi had to face numerous tests.
Василий Лановой: испытание войной и смерть сына

Legendary Soviet and Russian actor Vasily Lanovoi became famous after the film “Pavel Korchagin”, which was released in 1956. After that he starred in dozens of paintings. Despite the fact that he has played many main roles, he is remembered for the famous episode in “Striped flight”, where he utters the iconic phrase: “they float very Nicely… there is that group in striped swimsuit”. Today, January 16, the actor is 84 years.

Vasily had survived the Second World war and has experienced all the hardships of a terrible time. For the Nazis, he had problems with speech. It happened in Ukraine, when his parents sent him to grandma and grandpa.

“One officer who was on duty in our village, gave me the belt buckle. And after some time another German wanted this belt I have to take. I didn’t, I tried to explain that it was a gift. And then he was released from the machine the queue is over my head. It seems, as a joke, because laughing at the same time. I was seven years old. And since then, I began to stutter,” – said the famous actor.
Василий Лановой: испытание войной и смерть сына

Lanovoi also had to make an effort to get a good education – the area where he lived as a child, went to the Romanians, but because the first three classes he could not write in Russian. When he returned to Moscow and continued his studies with peers, after controlling for dictation he was sent to the first graders. He had a lot to do to catch up with peers. However, this did not prevent Vasily Semenovich to finish school with a gold medal. In the capital he was able to overcome stuttering and the doctor advised me to constantly sing long songs to normalize it.

Since childhood the Manila scene at the age of 13 Lanovoy began to play in the Studio theater at the Palace of culture ZIL, and after went to the Shchukin school. The initiative was able to instill confidence in him – and a year before graduating from the prestigious school, he played a major role, although initially he was called on episodul.

“We felt that in the filming of a movie about Pavel Korchagin something did not go. It Directors A. Alov and V. Naumov nervous, delayed the work, often started to look at our set. I felt they look at me, and soon, and in fact invited me to try out for the lead role in their film. Not only am I not surprised their offer, but on the contrary, blatantly and arrogantly replied, that he was looking forward to it that I should be playing Pavel. To their surprised question: “Why do you think so?” – I told them about how we read the novel during the war, our rural teacher and then as played in the performance theatre Studio ZIL “How the steel was tempered,” said Lanovoy.

Василий Лановой: испытание войной и смерть сына

It was during his studies Vasily met Tatyana Samoylova, who became his first wife. But the marriage didn’t last long – three years later the couple broke up. With second wife, actress Tatyana Tablaway, he lived for ten years – a woman died after a car accident. A year after the tragedy Lanovoy is married again – his choice was Irina Kupchenko. They had two children – Alexander and Sergey. The heirs did not follow the footsteps of their parents, and chose a completely different profession.

“There is nothing worse than when your child suddenly starts a completely different than you, air to breathe is God forbid! But at some point it happens in every family. The conflict of fathers and children. Fortunately, it will pass. Difficult time of growing children just need to experience it,” said Vasily.

However, the actor stressed that he never wanted to see their children in the acting profession and allowed children to choose what they have is soul. “When alone, we tend not to talk about the profession. Every day we leave outside the house, maintain our nervous system. From the beginning, we and Irina agreed that in the presence of children will never talk about their problems. Neither she nor I wanted to become artists,” admitted Lanovoy.

In October 2013, the family of the famous actor was a tragedy – the younger son Sergei died of heart failure. He left an illegitimate daughter, Anya, who lived in Arkhangelsk. Vasily and Irina had long dreamed to see our grandchildren, but because they were happy when I opened this unexpected news. After that, the girl began to visit on a vacation to Moscow. Grandparents took her to theatre where she had the opportunity to look behind the scenes. Vasily Lanovoy cares about the illegitimate daughter of the deceased son

“The only child of Sergei wasn’t the failure. Moscow relatives of her clothes, shoes, gifts, imparts impeccable taste. Naturally, the costs of Vasily and Irina take, sent home by plane… I Guess Anya realizes how lucky she is with grandma and grandpa. Of course, they have much to give and will not leave your care,” – told “StarHit” a friend of the deceased son Lanovoy Anton.

The text was prepared on the materials of “7 days” and “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.