Vasily Barkhatov: wife, personal life

 Василий Бархатов: жена, личная жизнь

V. Barkhatov was born on 29 July 1983. In 22 years, at the invitation of Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov, he works at the Moscow Art Theatre. Today V. Barkhatov is a world star, his productions can be seen on prestigious stages of Europe. The young Director married twice. The first wife of Vasily Barkhatov, Maria — ballerina of the Mariinsky theatre. Masha and Basil growing daughter Pauline.

 Василий Бархатов: жена, личная жизнь

Vasily Barkhatov

Personal life Vasily Barkhatov

The Northern capital turned to Vasily Barkhatov, the city of good luck. In St. Petersburg, the young producer has found his own happiness. After he saw Maria on stage, she just would not leave his mind. Being a man of active and not timid, with Mary at first he was afraid even to speak, and then invited her to his show, hoping to meet my dear stranger.

 Василий Бархатов: жена, личная жизнь

The first wife of Basil – Masha

Once Barkhatov offered Masha to drink coffee, and some time later, they were married. Now they have a miracle baby Pauline. Masha and her mother, a famous ballet teacher, somehow during family viewing ballet show asked the girl if she wants to dance, and the child said, “Yes!” After that, Field stood up from his chair and showed the parents a dance of motion, which the girl had not been taught. Genes ballerina in the third generation even in a year and a half can be felt. However, the personal life of Basil and Mary not specified.

 Василий Бархатов: жена, личная жизнь

Vasily Barkhatov with his wife and daughter Polina

In 2014, when V. Barkhatov worked at the Mikhailovsky theatre on the Opera “Eugene Onegin”, he was fascinated by an Opera singer from Lithuania Asmik Grigorian (soprano), sang the role of Tatiana. Beauty Hasmik (1981) in 2015, became the legal wife of Vasily Barkhatov. Vasily on the stage not singing. He received his musical education at the school named after Dmitry Shostakovich (class of balalaika).

 Василий Бархатов: жена, личная жизнь

On the photo: Vasily Barkhatov and Hasmik Grigoryan

Pages of the biography of V. Barkhatova

When Barhatova recommended to decide to study in GITIS (the Department of Opera directing), he frankly admitted that the Opera was only twice: once at the Bolshoi theatre and the Kremlin, however, nothing similar to an Opera Director, he didn’t see. Moreover, as presented on the stage of the Opera “Eugene Onegin”, the poem by A. S. Pushkin there was little recognizable, as a leading Opera singer does not resemble Tatiana.

 Василий Бархатов: жена, личная жизнь

Vasily Barkhatov at the Mikhailovsky theatre

And only after V. Barkhatov became acquainted with the work of people’s artist of Russia Dmitry Bertman (1967), artistic Director of “Helikon-Opera” he decided to arrive in GITIS. During his studies, future genius realized that the Opera theater is not inferior to a theater drama. Just need to get rid of the existing stamps and clichés, which have nothing to do with this genre.

 Василий Бархатов: жена, личная жизнь

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