Vasiliy Stepanov admitted to hospital after falling from the window

Василий Степанов госпитализирован после падения из окна Today in mass media the information appeared that the actor, who all remembered through participation in the blockbuster Fyodor Bondarchuk “Inhabited island”, was urgently placed in a medical institution. It is alleged that the actor was admitted to the hospital with multiple fractures.

      Journalists report that 31-year-old actor Vasily Stepanov, who became famous after the premiere of the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Inhabited island”, was in the hospital. According to the media reports, the man fell from the window of his apartment, located in Moscow.

      After falling from the fifth floor Stepanov was urgently hospitalized. Medical professionals diagnosed men a lot of damage. It is reported that the artist has a fracture of the right shoulder, pelvis and both heel bones. In addition, as reported by journalists, Stepanov received a large number of injuries.

      Seven years of oblivion: Vasily Stepanov fled from depression and poverty

      According to the latest data received “StarHit” from relatives of Basil, he recently was discharged from the hospital, which came after a serious injury, and went to grandpa’s. The man continued to recover at home. Despite a broken spine, received by man in the past year, he was not discouraged and planned to look for work. Immediately after rehabilitation Vassily had intended to return to the usual rhythm of life. The doctor asked the artist to be attentive to their health and to consult medical specialists, if necessary.

      After the news about the fall of the Basil from the window “StarHit” hastened to contact the family of Vasily Stepanov, however, at the moment of his relatives could be contacted. Probably more detailed information on the status of men will be known later.

      His concern about the state of the actor expressed socialite Lena Lenina, which helps in the difficult period.

      “Bob Stepanov today out of the window. Said to be very broke, but alive. Trying to contact family. Poor Vasya,” wrote a woman in social networks.

      Recall that the star of a fantastic film based on the work of the Strugatsky brothers broke his spine in mid-December last year. “Bob together with friends back home from the supermarket, they bought gifts for the New year. In the street while it was very cold, and the slush freezing. Near the entrance, Bob slipped, fell backwards directly on the steps and couldn’t get up already!” – spoke to “StarHit” each actor Vladislav.

      The artist friends immediately called an ambulance and he was hospitalized. When Basil was in the walls of medical institutions, relatives visited him regularly. Buddy Stepanov reported that he did not lose heart and joking, despite the pain.

      In February in the program “live” surrounded by stars on “Inhabited island” spoke about his rehabilitation after a serious injury. Writer and businesswoman Lena Llena said that the man lost and he will have a long recovery. “Due to the fact that Bob will have to wear a corset, he can not anywhere else to do another six months”, – shared the woman, who gave Stepanov a title of “Sex symbol of the year” last year.

      Before the man shared with “StarHit” the plans to return to acting. Despite the fact that Vasily Stepanov at some time left the cinema, family and fans believe in him, because the actor has a memorable and impressive appearance. “Bob is so beautiful that no one in show business there is no doubt that him wanting to help are always very much,” said Lenin.

      Later Lena Lenina, learning the details of what happened, once again spoke about the incident with the star of the film “Inhabited island”.

      “He wanted to kill himself. And went out of the window of his apartment. Fortunately, or unfortunately for him, he failed, and he was left to live, but very much crashed. But it is difficult to list all the harm that he inflicted, it’s easier to say that he is not broke. His poor mommy! Poor his dad, Sergey, who bravely stand on their shoulders all the problems of the family! Poor his brother Maxim, who, though younger, but always cared about my brother, as a senior. And even more poor Vasya, who with unearthly beauty and a huge success, turned out to be broken collapsed on him with glory. Now he will forever remain disabled,” wrote a businesswoman in the social network.

      Stepanov then he got in touch with journalists. According to the actor, he went out the window. Doctors conducted all the necessary tests. Basil says nothing about the fact that now he is confined to a wheelchair.

      “Yes, I fell, it wasn’t an accident. And I wasn’t pushing… I’m fine Now, was put in plaster and sent me home. Just a pity that the people with the shooting failed, broke time,” said the man.

      At the moment, according to journalists, upon the fall of Vasily Stepanov is checked. The investigators find out all the circumstances of the incident, reports

      Among those who regretted the actor, was Stanislav Sadalsky. The star posted a post in which he noted that due to lack of work colleague it was not worth trying to settle scores with life.

      “Hurry and get well. Sorry guys. But the recipe is: place it on a desert island, to awake love of life”, – wrote the actor.