Василиса Володина рассказала о своем настоящем имени
The presenter explained why he took an alias.

Vasilisa Volodina

Photo: @vasilisa.volodina Instagram Vasilisa Volodya

Real name Vasilisa Volodya, what is written in documents, only a few know. Basically, it’s family members, employees of banks and customs. She was sure that the name given her at birth do not necessarily know to the General public, after all, her chosen alias has already become a mother, “real.” At the same time, become Vasilisa officially (in documents), Volodin does not want.

“Of course, much more people know me by my current name, that is my alias. I think its real and not passport data, which did not want to change. First asked the question: to change or not? But astrologically, according to your horoscope, considered the situation and realized: yet should not change. Then I just didn’t want the paperwork with the change of documents. And still of reason to regret this decision was not.

I find it funny sometimes to see the puzzled eyes of the employee of customs at the airport looks at my passport, sees there is some name, and my face correlates with other name and surname. But customs officers – experienced people, they are many different saw. Even Bank employees know my passport details. But the situation is the difference between the name in the passport and the alias I don’t care!” — said Volodin “World news.”

Incidentally, his son Vyacheslav, who was hidden from birth, Vasilisa recently did declassified. Recently she freely publishes his photographs online, although earlier was categorically opposed to show the boy outsiders. So it is possible that his name Volodina will one day reveal.