Vasilisa Volodina still feeds her son breast

Василиса Володина до сих пор кормит сына грудью The star mom doesn’t have enough will power to wean the baby. The heir Vasilisa Volodina has been a year and three months, he knows a lot of words and loves to look at the moon.

      Василиса Володина до сих пор кормит сына грудью

      The son of one of the most famous astrologers of our country Vasilisa Volodina Glory for more than a year. According to the presenter, she still feeds her baby herself. “He is still breastfed including, although I understand that it’s time to give up, – said the media personality. – But mom will power is not enough, whether the strength of attachment the child stronger.”

      Perhaps due to this, the son of Vasilisa Volodina is very active. He knows many words, loves to admire the moon in the evening and wants to help her mother at home. “Glory is such a chatterbox! For their age speaks a great many words: mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, continues Vasilisa Volodina. – And Copenhagen, however, in its own way “Hohenhagen”. Once worked with him, and whatever he said, he kept saying. And in joking said, “Maybe you and Copenhagen can?”. And he said: “Hohenhagen”. Still says “all day long”. In short, vocabulary is expanding every day. Knows figures 1 and 2, letters A and even the Pope on a t-shirt distinguishes between”.

      By the way, not so long ago fans Vasilisa Volodina noticed that her Instagram has become much less photos of the son of Glory. In snapshots, which the astrologer still publishes, the baby’s face hidden behind the funny pictures, like a kiss. As it turned out, mom is afraid of the evil eye. Feeling negative, Vasilisa removed all pictures of her son from the microblog.

      It is worth noting that stellar mommy all the time, she has returned to the broadcast of the program “let’s get married!” working in your own office, creating a personal horoscopes for everyone, and devotes much time to his family and a small son. “Shooting “let’s get married!” from me twice a month for three days, in those days, leaving for the day and return only in the evening. But also I have a job in addition to television. My home “office” is right next door – said Vasilisa Volodina in an interview – Plan your day so that be sure to be with your son, so distribute the work so that it accounted for his morning and afternoon sleep. If time permits, be sure to call my own, no nanny”.

      We will remind, the son of Vasilisa Volodina was born on 3 January 2015 at the elite clinic “Lapino”. The boy Vyacheslav became the second child in the family Volodina and her husband Sergei. The couple is also raising a daughter Victoria, which in August will be 15 years.

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