Василиса Володина открыла правду об обмане с монетами-талисманами
The astrologer complaining dissatised retirees.

Vasilisa Volodina

Photo: @vasilisa.volodina Instagram Vasilisa Volodya

Through participation in the program “let’s get married” Vasilisa Volodina is one of the most famous astrologers in Russia. Of course the great popularity attracts the attention of speculators. She has for many become a victim of fraud. Recently, history repeated itself again.

This time the attackers come up with to sell the coins mascots “from Vasilisa Volodya”. They say, buy only one souvenir, and will be fabulously rich one of the most popular life super luck or cured from the deadly disease. Mostly this is “bought” retirees who spend the last savings, assuming Volodina “bad advise”.

But Vasilisa to the sale of these coins has not, as it turned out, nothing. She is very worried due to the fact that the scammers used her name for their own selfish purposes. This news is very spoiled pre-Christmas mood famous astrologer.

“Alas, the mood for the holidays is not ready. At that time his poison fraudsters who use my honest name. Already a lot of things I (and you with me) held during the last 10 years that I “say” that the 3rd sign of the Zodiac will die for no reason, no reason at all. They will be rich. Threads red I “sell” that subscription will be processed on the phone, Oh and false predictions in my name is not only lazy writes… Quoting “Men in black” – will always be a space plague and galactic death rays. Never run out of problems with copyright in Russia there is no proper legislation. We will fight!

Now the next stage – my name bandits sell some coin charms. And I regularly call poor pensioners kupivšiesâ on deception, spending a few thousand rubles, and after discovering that to me is irrelevant. It is a pity that mostly fall within these networks are elderly, the gullible, the vulnerable…” — said Volodin.