Vasilisa Volodina is investigating the crash of Tu-154

Василиса Володина расследует крушение Ту-154 Astrologer intends to collect a database of victims of the crash. According to Vasilisa Volodya, it can help to prevent such sad incidents. She also noted that now there is an urgent need.

      25 Dec 2016 a DoD sniffer plane Tu-154 crashed over the Black sea. Then killed all aboard 92. At the moment there is an investigation of the tragedy. Vasilisa Volodin recently published a post on social networks, in which he asked to send her mail date of birth of the victims.

      According to Volodya, such information is important to collect a database of those who died in the crash of aircraft, as well as to explore risks in humans. “Please help information. Those who want to give me advice, recommendations or morals, don’t worry,” said the astrologer.

      “StarHit” contacted Vasilisa Volodya asking more details to tell what she plans to do. “This is one of the steps to study transport risk of modern life. For obvious reasons, this topic could not be studied in the days when astrology was in its infancy. But now there arose an urgent need,” – said the astrologer.

      Volodin said that her research aims to examine the factors that could lead to tragedy.

      “Events of this magnitude, aviation accident, always call the big public resonance, affect us mentally and at the same time very hurtful to all of us. Of course, I want to do everything you can to prevent such things. And to counteract such phenomena should be studied. You need to understand what specific indicators and factors, for example, individual horoscope, honking about such possible risks. In this regard, you can find out who needs more careful, in what time periods and so forth,” – said the astrologer.

      Note that the media regularly there are different versions of what happened with the Tu-154 that crashed in late December of last year. According to one of them, the cause of the crash could be human factor. The co-pilot allegedly removed the flaps instead of the chassis. However, the investigation of the Ministry of defense not brought to an end. The Agency has not yet released the findings of its research into the causes of the crash. According to recent reports, it has attracted several research institutes and expert institutions. Became known the cause of the crash of Tu-154