Василиса Володина рассказала об особенностях маленького сына
Three-year-old Vyacheslav will follow in the family business.

Son Vasilisa Volodya — Vyacheslav

Photo: @vasilisa.volodina Instagram Vasilisa Volodya

Astrologer Vasilisa Volodina told her little son began to show interest in everything connected with the cosmos. It is not excluded that in the future, Vyacheslav devote his life to astronomy, and possibly astrology. Moreover, he is someone to learn “communication” with the stars.

Recently Vasilisa showed how the son assemble the puzzle with the image of the Solar system. In the caption she left a funny comment that is preparing to take on Vyacheslav job. “Already very interested in space. Soon to be mom at work to help!” — said the proud mom subscribers.

Interestingly, my daughter Volodya very different interests. Favorite items Victoria: algebra and physics. Mom not so long ago attempted to devote 16-year-old daughter into the mysteries of astrology. But Victoria is determined to be a businesswoman. She wants to start their own business and are willing to do this for a long time to learn. Perhaps, after finishing school, daughter of Volodya will continue their studies abroad. Its purpose — MBA courses on the basics of entrepreneurship.

Recall that until recently Volodin concealed from the public face of Vyacheslav. The debut of the son of Vasilisa took place last month in her microblog.