Василиса Володина «Ради детей отказалась от личной жизни» The famous astrologer has discovered the secret to a perfect relationship. Blitz-survey Vasilisa told about the most strange requests from fans and about the secrets on the set of the popular show. Volodin also said frankly that irritates her husband.

PRINCIPLES… first, don’t hope on anyone except himself, or the state in the future, nor to banks with loans. The second principle: in a family the money should be shared. And nothing else.

IF is there is MISUNDERSTANDING, THEN… I go to put up. It is a feature of nature can’t stand the tension between us.

NEVER FORGIVE the MAN… physical aggression and betrayal, as every normal woman.

WIFE doesn’T LIKE THAT I… won’t spend the summer at the cottage. Happiness to me is the unity with nature. The garden beds prefer secular remedies and travel.

SURROUNDING should not THINK THAT… just relaxing. People imagine: if you’re a star, it is constantly slacking. But I almost all the time give work.

THE HIGH FEE WHICH was RECEIVED… allowed to buy an expensive foreign car of good class.

WHAT is DIFFERENT about MOTHERHOOD AT the age of 27 AND 41… financial opportunities that increase comfort. Although the severity of the happiness from a baby at any age is unchanged.

WHEN DAUGHTER VICTORIA will LEAD the GROOM TO EXPERIENCE… will definitely make up for it astrological forecast. But this is still far away, because she’s 16 years old, talk about marriage is not, and interested in the zodiac sign of ordinary suitors will not. Will take the case only if you understand: for the Wiki that seriously. Guys, get ready!

I WOULD NOT LIKE TO DAUGHTER, AND SO did I… in my youth often made rashly and critical insights about people and their shortcomings. Over the years you learn not to hurry with the assessment of the behavior and character of others, to be tolerant.

FOR THE CHILDREN ARE READY… FOR EVERYTHING! In the end, recognize well that night can not sleep, because on one side is the husband, at the feet of the son, and the daughter sometimes tries to say: that she, too, need a place, why is this brother’s Fame, but not her? Of course, it’s humor. If it is about critical situations, I’m sure any parent would do anything, but if you mean everyday, for the sake of the children I refused personal life.

The MAIN DIFFERENCE I SCREEN FROM WHAT HAPPENS at HOME… IN ordinary life, wear shorts, t-shirt and no makeup.

THE AUDIENCE IS UNLIKELY TO GUESS THAT THE SHOOTING OF THE “LET’S GET MARRIED!”… much remains behind the scenes, from two to three hours of material in the air 45 minutes.

The strangest REQUEST was ADDRESSED by a STRANGER… bribe! Competitors clients want to explore their secrets. Not agree, but offered a decent amount. Not in my rules to enter extra people in our trio – me, the client and horoscope.

ON the set PEOPLE come up WITH the PHRASE… “Vasilisa, and quickly make horoscope and tell us what to expect in the future.” Have a smile to give. Astrology does not tolerate haste.

Don’T LIKE it WHEN co-host ROSE AND LARISSA… interrupt and Express personal opinion, make it impossible details and to announce the results of my knowledge in science with a millennial history. The conventional wisdom is, of course, fine, but there are many other apart from personal experience of my lovely girlfriends.

MY MAIN BEAUTY SECRET… not to save face. To look good, young, very costly both in time and Finance. Tips of the logs from the “Like a penny to be Queen,” alas, do not work. If you want to make a stunning impression, have to spend money.

TO BECOME a SUCCESSFUL ASTROLOGER, you NEED to… be born with the correct horoscope. Out of the blue success in this profession is not given. Then you have a lot to learn, read, work and, of course, to practice. Then do it!