Vasilisa Volodina fighting the fear with the help of astrology

Василиса Володина борется со страхом с помощью астрологии
TV presenter suffers from aerophobia.

Photo: Instagram

Vasilisa Volodina confessed that he suffers from aerophobia. To deal with fear helps her beloved astrology. Host of the show “let’s get married” tries to calculate by the stars all of the risks in making the trip — and then buy tickets.

“Yes, it’s true. I’m afraid to fly, — said Volodin. And every trip you plan to insure all sides. Of course, watch your Natal chart and everyone who is flying with me. Often the selection is good for all day — this is a big problem”.

But the spouse Vasilisa is not afraid to fly and always making fun of his beloved wife. Said that before takeoff, the TV star so violently baptized that can tilt the plane. Volodin, though a believer, the husband is not offended. Knows jokes husband tries to distract his beloved from the fear of flying.

This is not the only case where astrology determines anything important in life, Volodya. Even the name of his son Vasilisa was chosen according to astrological canons.