Vasilisa Volodina admitted to not preparing at home

Василиса Володина призналась, что не готовит дома

Astrologer “let’s get married” admitted that the time for pickles finds only in the country.

The co-host of the popular program a lot of fans. Moreover, many think she is perfect: a successful career, held a married, mother of two children. And that, it would seem, for happiness?

But the other day Volodin admitted that she isn’t so perfect. For example, the leading does not always have time to cook for your family. Yes and does not consider it a priority.

“She and (the name of the daughter of TV presenter. — Approx. ed.) casework in the country. In ordinary life on pickles time, not really there. The day has only 24 hours: women need and modern for a watch, and work, and children to work out and cooking tricks – the case third. While at the cottage my daughter off,” confessed the Woman’s Day star.

To prepare the astrologer, of course, loves, but in moderation.

“For example, on my birthdays usually go to the restaurant. I think, for a woman’s birthday spent at the stove, not the best holiday when you’re fresh manicure correct locks styling and dorisuesh salad”, she continued (read more here).

And in your opinion, does a woman have to cook at home?

  • Definitely. This is the main purpose of the weak half
  • Needs, but without fanaticism. If tired, you can in the restaurant to eat
  • To be able to cook – Yes, and there really how it goes
  • The woman is not the maid. A normal man will not allow her to work after work and even at home
  • Other (write in comments)

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