Vasili Berezutski became a father for the second time

Василий Березуцкий стал отцом во второй раз In the family of the defender of CSKA and his wife Olga was a joyful event. The player’s wife gave birth to a charming heiress. A girl named Anastasia. The happy parents are receiving congratulations from relatives and friends.

      In the family of a 34-year-old defender of CSKA Vasily Berezutsky and his 31-year-old wife Olga was replenished. Girlfriend of football player gave him a girl called Anastasia. The news appeared on the official club page on the social network Facebook.

      “Vasili Berezutski for the second time became the father! The defender of PFC CSKA and his wife Olga’s daughter, Anastasia. We congratulate the parents and wish the baby health and happiness!”, – representatives of the club.

      Fans Berezutsky has congratulated a famous athlete with the birth of the successor and wished his family all the best. “Health more for your daughter and let him be happy”, “Wish you happiness”, “well Done, for the second goal!” , “This is a joyful event it is necessary to note, waiting for Basil victories in sport”, “Olga – well, even in this position, attended home games,” wrote the CSKA fans on social networks.

      We will remind that Vasily Berezutsky and his lover Olga six-year-old son Vladimir. He was born on 27 APR 2010. In his interview with the Berezutsky said that the son’s interest in football, so my parents decided to send their children to school CSKA. In recognition of the sportsman, a Boy have already decided what position to play – he wanted to be a defender. Earlier Vladimir thought about becoming a goalkeeper, but the Pope dissuaded him from it.

      In turn, the player’s wife told reporters that Vladimir is growing very much like his dad. According to Olga, the nature of the child very simple and straightforward, without any pretense. It is thanks to these qualities, Basil does a woman feel him like a stone wall.

      We will remind that Vasily Berezutsky and his girlfriend Olga were married in 2009. The player admitted that the family strongly supports him and helps to setbacks on the field. He also said that he tries not to bring home a bad mood. According to Berezutski, the secret to a good marriage is humor. Spouses like to make fun of each other, and this contributes to overcome the difficulties.