Varum and Lorak came to the “Song of the year” similar dresses

Varum and Lorak came to the "Song of the year" similar dresses

How come? The two Actresses appeared at one event in nearly identical outfits.

This can happen to anyone. Even with the stars, working with different stylists. So what to do if the fashion is not the first season the lace and the transparency.

So, today in the concert “Song of the year 2016” in SK “Olympic” Anzhelika Varum and Ani Lorak appeared in very similar outfits. Only one dress was white, and the second – Golden.

Varum and Lorak came to the "Song of the year" similar dressesAngelika Varum
Ani Lorak

However, it was made by Varum and Lorak are not for each other. Moreover, there is a possibility that the singer on this day, each other do not see. And viewers who watched the concert, for sure, the incident didn’t notice.

“Naked” dress, it is worth noting, is often playing with the stars a cruel joke. The fact is that such outfits (whatever brand they were) very similar to each other, so that its owner does not always get to stand out in the crowd of colleagues. But there is this trend and a big plus: a thin translucent fabric perfectly emphasize the figure. And as a media person, carefully watch their diet and exercise, they are always wanting to show others a perfect body.

By the way, “the Song of the year” all especially waiting for the appearance of Polina Gagarina. A few days ago in the media appeared the news that she is expecting a baby, and because the actress refused to comment on this, everyone was eager to see the changes in her figure. Surprisingly, this time the star has refused to speak on the topic, but said rounded tummy slinky dress. See the photos HERE.