Vanity Fair удалил Джеймса Франко с обложки из-за обвинений в сексуальном домогательстве

Guide Vanity Fair insisted on taking a photo of actor James Franco on the cover of the new issue.

There is information that the characters of the photo shoot was originally not twelve, and thirteen, but will appear in the finished issue 39-year-old Franco did not take the allegations of sexual harassment.

“We made the decision not to put James Franco on the cover, as soon as he learned about the charges against him,” explained a representative of the magazine.

Photo shoot for the Hollywood issue took place over several months. Guide magazine acknowledged that the movement #MeToo influenced the choice of heroes covers this year – it was decided to show a strong Hollywood women, and men supporting them.

The news on the exclusion of James Franco has caused various rumors in the network. For example, Bobby finger, writing for Jezebel, noted that to remove the figure of the actor with the photo was easy.

Major changes were not required. Michael Shannon and Zendaya probably wasn’t in the room when Reese and Nicole “draped themselves” Oprah. Michael B. Jordan probably has never met Tom Hanks. And Harrison Ford and Robert De Niro, most likely, had Annie Leibovitz to come to their homes for shooting. I’m not even completely sure that this is their shapes in the photo,
– ironically spoken of finger.

Sexual harassment the actor has accused five women. Four of them at the time of the indecent behavior of the stars were the students of his film school. This was reported by the newspaper the Los Angeles Times. Franco, who supports the movement against harassment Time’s Up, denies all charges:

“Yes, I read the accusations on Twitter, but did not answer them. I think they are not quite accurate, I have my own opinion on this matter. But I realized that talking about it definitely should be. There are people who were not part of this discussion, and I believe that they need to tell their stories. I totally support that.»

“As I said, there is a history, which needs to know the public. There are people who need to hear,” says Franco.

One of the victims, the actress violet Paley, argues that James molested her when she was seventeen years old.

“I thought that I had been selected to star in a movie for my merits and hard work. But then I realized, I was chosen for an attractive chest,” said Paley.

Other women said that the actor did not behave appropriately during the filming of explicit scenes and classes in film school.