Ванилла Айс пропустил свой авиарейс

90s star performer Vanilla Ice (real name Robert van Winkle) was furious at the airport in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. 48-year-old celebrity screamed obscenities good for the airport employee because of the fact that were not able to land. Because of this incident, the Vanilla Ice missed your concert in Nebraska.

A woman who witnessed the events and recorded the scene on video, claims that the rapper himself to blame, because too fascinated get-togethers in your smartphone artist arrived ten minutes after landing. Angry Vanilla Ice threw the ticket to the airport staff in the face and insulted by all and Sundry.
“No I didn’t, I sat in the waiting room and me and no words said, were not warned about the landing. Dude, you should take a closer look at the monitor,” said the artist, and when an airport employee started to give him advice, but he interrupted in mid-sentence – “I don’t need any information from you, man. So shut your damn mouth. This didn’t work. Shut up!”
But the artist himself claims that he arrived an hour before landing, but somehow listened that it was declared.
Shortly before that, the rapper wrote n his page in the social network: “today I have airport zombies. Too much travel and too little sleep. Life rockside not so glamorous as everyone thinks”.
It is unknown whether the proposed Delta him an alternative flight or he had to get his way.

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