Ванесса Паради будет защищать Джонни Деппа в суде

In wealth, in poverty, in court.. Let Vanessa Paradis and did not become the lawful wife of Hollywood actor johnny Depp, but ready to defend the father of her two children, even from the hell, though of the lawful wife-slanderers.

Earlier, Vanessa publicly spoke in defense of johnny in his open letter. In it she called Depp “the most sensitive and loving person in the world who would never hurt a woman either physically or even word.
As reported by the Western media, Vanessa intends to be present at the hearing as a witness to defend against the attacks of her former common law husband. We already know that amber heard did not testify regarding domestic violence, when Depp’s lawyers managed to get the testimonies of more than twenty people staff resident in the house of the spouses. The Concierge, assistants, drivers, guards and other say that johnny has never raised a hand to amber their presence.
Hurd also saved seven witnesses for the next hearing. It is mainly friends of the actress, which saw her beaten.
The hearing will be held on August 17 and we are stocking up on popcorn and wait.

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