Ванесса Паради призналась, что готова выйти замуж и в 85 лет
The actress says that never was against marriage.

Vanessa Paradis

Photo: Fotodom.ru

In the story johnny Depp and amber heard the first victim was, of course, Vanessa Paradis — the mother of two children of the actor, his common-law wife, with whom johnny and I broke up after 14 years relationship. But Vanessa never had tantrums, gave “vindictive” interview and in General, spoke about a former lover, only in a positive way. Despite the fact that Depp literally insulted her, hastily marrying amber. She Paradis the honor of the actor, as we know, never came. But Vanessa is not discouraged:

“I’ve never been against marriage. On the contrary. In my opinion, to share a last name with a loved one is very beautiful. And it would be a great pleasure to my mother. But at the same time, I was always afraid that the wedding might ruin everything that I appreciated in the relationship. Because too many I’ve seen couples who have long lived together and then married very quickly, rapidly divorced. But I do not rule out that more will get married. And it can happen to me even in 85 years,” she said in an interview with “7D”.

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