Ванесса Паради встала на защиту Джонни Деппа Ex-wife of Hollywood actor wrote a letter in his defense, which indirectly blames amber heard in a lie. According to Vanessa, he never laid a hand on her, and they lived together for 14 wonderful years. Paradis also called Depp “loving and sensitive”.

      Ванесса Паради встала на защиту Джонни Деппа

      Not a day goes by without another news on the subject of one of the most notorious scandals of recent times — divorce amber heard and johnny Depp. As wife claims the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, he was repeatedly beaten her. Have heard even there are witnesses who can confirm her words. Recently, however, and Depp is serious defenders, which indirectly accuse the famous blonde in a lie. May 29, at the disposal of the foreign editions of the stars TMZ has a letter written by his ex-wife Depp Vanessa Paradis.

      Amber heard showed signs of beating husband. PHOTO

      As it turned out, 43-year-old French actress, singer and model don’t hold a grudge against his ex-lover who traded her 30-year-old Hollywood blonde. Vanessa says that johnny Depp treated her great, never laid a hand on her, and the time spent with him was just a wonderful period in her life. By the way, the actors lived together for more than a decade, so who better than Vanessa’s good to know your former spouse.

      Paradis letter, handwritten, dated may 27, 2016. The woman produced it, being in Los Angeles.

      “Johnny Depp is the father of two of my children, and it is sensitive, my loving and beloved man. With all my heart I believe that the recent allegations about him [charges amber heard] just outrageous. In all the time, which I know johnny, he never reacted with physical violence towards me, and it’s not like the person with whom I lived for 14 wonderful years”, — such statement in writing made Vanessa Paradis.

      Also recently learned that johnny Depp is planning to give a great interview in which he will present his version of events. Actor categorically denies that ever gets amber heard and threw in her phone, according to the blonde. A conversation with johnny Depp will be released on a major American TV channels immediately after the end of the tour his band Hollywood Vampires. Date, time and place of confession of the actor is not yet known.

      Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis lived together in a civil marriage from 1998 to 2012, the actors have two children together — 17-year-old daughter Lily-rose melody and a 14-year-old son, Jack Christopher. The couple broke up very quietly, without unnecessary scandals. The reason for the breakup with Vanessa has become a hobby of Depp’s colleague on the film “the Rum diary” amber heard.

      After breaking up with Vanessa johnny bought her luxurious mansion in Hollywood on Mulholland Drive, despite the fact that at that time, Paradis met with a wealthy businessman.

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