Ванесса Клоук: 5 фактов об актрисе из фильма «Ходячие мертвецы»

Vanessa Klok starring in “the Walking dead” not the happiest of holidays. The actress was recently arrested in orange County, California, after police witnessed her fight. Find out more about her outburst, which was captured on video.

According to a report from TMZ on December 24, Vanessa Klok was arrested and charged with assault and battery in orange County, California apartment, which she shared with her ex-boyfriend. The video, which was leaked heard Vanessa arguing with my ex, when he brought her things from the house after he ended the relationship.
According to sources in law enforcement bodies, the former Vanessa called the police to the residence to keep the peace while he picks up his possessions from the house. However, during this process, Vanessa could not remain calm, as seen in the video. Sources in the police say that the police witnessed how she hit someone and was arrested.
It’s unclear who was filming the situation, however, TMZ identificeret person with a camera as a woman. Vanessa is seen as she runs up the stairs outside the apartment where she seems to be faced with a man making a film pushes the camera and says that something is not quite pleasant. And that’s when everything escalated. Learn more about Vanessa, because she’ll spend your vacation dealing with the consequences of her arrest.
1. Vanessa appeared in “the Walking dead” for 2 seasons. She played Anna in the 6th and 7th seasons of the popular drama. Post-apocalyptic horror series is currently in its 10th season. The premiere of the second half of the 10th season will be held February 23, 2020.
2. She plays and dances since childhood. That’s according to her IMDb page, which says that Vanessa continued to work until 2007, after living in Spain for 3 years.
3. Vanessa was married. Vanessa, mother’s maiden name which Dimitropoulos, was married to Leitão Glocom, with whom she has 1 child.
4. She has a higher education. She received a bachelor’s degree in communications at Chapman University.
5. Vanessa seems to be no social networking. — Despite the reference to Facebook in her video about the arrest, there are no confirmed accounts in social networks, which are owned by the actress.

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