Появление Валуева в «Спокойной ночи, малыши» бурно обсуждается в Сети Famous boxer and state Duma Deputy will become leader. Nikolai Valuev soon along with toy characters will appeal to kids across the country. The opinion of the fans began to Express their opinions regarding his work in children’s gear.

      Not so long ago it became known that the famous boxer and state Duma Deputy Nikolai Valuev will appear in the children’s program “good night, kids” as the lead. He was glad to now be part of your favorite program.

      “How could my childhood dream of being anchor of their favorite show. So good night, kids” – wrote in the microblog Valuev.

      How could my childhood dream of being anchor of their favorite show. So good night, kids.

      Photos published Nikolai Valuev (@nickvaluev) Jul 13 2016 at 7:27 PDT

      This news has caused a resonance in society. Parents of kids for whom this program for a long time remained one of the most loved from an early age, began rapidly to discuss the role Valuev in a children’s program. Some were happy that the screen will appear a famous man, who together with toy characters will appeal to kids.

      “Nick, you da man! Respect you!”, “Handsome, Stepashka looks at the background of the hero, very funny, Class, children can sleep peacefully,” – did not hide the happiness of the fans.

      However, not everyone was thrilled with the fact that the Deputy will conduct a “good night, kids”. Some did not understand why Nicholas decided to appear on the TV screen in the children’s program.

      “My son said that now his “good night, kids” will cease to be your favorite gear”, “Well, tell me, Nicholas, why do you need it? The MP, a leading child transmission”, “Really warm Deputy will leave for children’s dreams?” – ask followers Valuev.

      Valuev was quick to tell fans that he will appear in the program not every day, but only sometimes. He explained this by the fact that he has a lot of other things that need attention.

      “We are not talking about daily programs. No more than twice a week. For more time will not” – shared his plans Valuev with many fans.

      For several years as a leading program, there was Oksana Fedorova. Despite the fact that in December she made the decision to stop work on the TV channel “Russia” and to pursue other projects, more social – tell about ordinary people, children and relationships. However, to exit the program “Goodnight kids” she wasn’t going.

      “I’m going with TV channel “Russia”, but not from the program “good night, kids!”. I wanted to change the vector. I have offers from other TV channels, but nothing is yet approved,” said Oksana “StarHit”.

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