Valley, Valerie and His daughter congratulated Kadyrov on the fashionable success

Долина, Валерия и Бузова поздравили дочь Кадырова с модным успехом On Tuesday in Moscow held a presentation of the collection of successor to the head of the Chechen Republic. To assess the creation of Aishat Kadyrova came many representatives of capital Beau Monde. The guests highly appreciated the work of the designer.

Last evening in the Park “Zaryadye” held a fashion show daughter of Ramzan Kadyrov, Aishat. The event was part of fashion week Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Among the guests of the successor of the head of Chechnya were many representatives of Russian show-business, including Olga Buzova, Alena Vodonaeva, Katya LEL, Joseph Prigozhin with Valeria, Larisa Dolina, Lena Lenina, Yana Rudkovskaya, with Timothy Reshetova Anastasia, Yulia Baranovskaya, Nelly Ermolaeva, Anna Khilkevich, Maria Pogrebnyak, Evgeny Feofilaktova, Anna Kalashnikov, and many others. Attendees met with thunderous applause designer Slava Zaitsev. In addition, to assess the creation of the brand came Firdaws fashion Director of TSUM Alla werber Tatyana Mikhalkov.

The audience was left in awe of the show. The capital’s fashionistas said that they relished restrained and sophisticated outfits created by Kadyrova. The basic shades collection powder steel, pearl white and mint. Aishat used a bizarre draped and pleated, and also paid attention to the decor in the form of a bead and a subtle finish of dresses made of chiffon, velvet and silk with gold thread. The images of the models was supplemented with artfully tied scarves – the most important detail of the toilet a Muslim girl.

The stars shared their emotions from what you see on social networks. So, Olga Buzova wrote that the atmosphere of the evening seemed to her fantastic. The presenter thanked Aishat Kadyrov for the hospitality. In turn, Yana Rudkovskaya talked about shades in the collection. According to the producer, the creation of the designer will be popular.

“Elegant restraint and antique pastel colors – my favorite colors – a new trend collection Aishat Kadyrova and house Firdaws. I think we are witnessing the brightest page of the house, because it was a new level of the Chechen fashion, which makes a serious claim and is destined for success not only in Russia but all over the world! Isatec ,you’re very clever! Bravo”, – said Rudkovskaya.

Alla werber joined the congratulations to the designer. “I want to thank Aishat Kadyrov for such a wonderful show. The whole collection impressed me with its fine lines and beautiful colours, great material,” said fashion expert.

Some representatives of show business decided to try on the clothes appropriate to Muslim traditions. Among them was Anna Khilkevich. “To experiment in the images. And go to the shows too, sometimes. Fashion house Firdaws, as always, pleased with the new collection,” shared the actress.

After the event a number of guests decided to have a dinner in a narrow circle. Valeria, Iosif Prigozhin, Olga Buzova, Alla werber, Julia Baranovska and others sat in one of capital restaurants. They had a great time discussing the collection Aishat Kadyrova and sharing his plans for the future.

“I don’t care what you think of me or write. After tonight’s dinner with Buzova I’m going to her concert,” – said Prigogine, commenting on a picture together with leading and aspiring singer.