Valery Syutkin openly talked about relationships with ex-wives

Валерий Сюткин откровенно рассказал об отношениях с бывшими женами Man sorry about the first failed Union. Valery Syutkin does not like to recall the mistakes of youth. However, the musician with the pleasure of communicating with the heirs from previous marriages.

Valery Syutkin 25 years of happy marriage with his wife viola. It never ceases to confession beloved in love, in all the interviews stressing how lucky he was in his personal life.

But on the previous relationship, the man does not like to talk. In a recent interview with Valery said that his first two marriages was still a mistake.

“Previous marriages is not the same. I mean they don’t remember even live with one and for one. This decision made 25 years ago. The family, which was created in 70-80-ies, there were different rules of the game. Then I had to ask for the hand of a girl after the first date, otherwise I was ashamed with her to spend the evening. Only got to kissing and the girl’s parents immediately asked: what are your intentions? So I doubled up and got married,” admitted Syutkin.

From a previous relationship an artist has two children. 38-summer Elena and 30-year-old Maxim and I get along great with my dad. They were able to achieve much in career plan and at the same time made the personal life. The musician said that he is very proud of his heirs, even after they reach adulthood it didn’t help Lena and max financial.

“I support their children until 18 years, then make it a good gift, car, for example. And then release in life, and they are only achieve on their own. Yes, it’s cruel, but necessary. Daughter Lena arranged with my husband Andrew, he is a businessman. Max’s girlfriend Julia, they live a civil marriage. But the younger daughter, viola meets a German Thor. They rent an apartment, pay for everything yourself,” boasted the man.

Syutkin tries not to restrict children, and each of them independently chosen profession, organized personal life. So, artists really like the young man the youngest daughter viola. Now the couple lives abroad, but Valery does not hurry heir marriage. In his opinion, the couple should first check the relationship strength.

But beloved wife Syutkin ready to please with gifts always. He admits that the floods viola expensive gifts. According to singer, it is necessary to please the beloved woman every day so she was happy.

Now Syutkin busy organizing a festive concert dedicated to his 60th birthday. The event will be held in March this year. However, Eugene Havtan, the permanent leader of group “Bravo” to attend the show will be. “He called me in December, said that he had a serious family matter. I admit that we are in the “Bravo” were never friends. Friendship — when it appear on the first call, and if a person pre-occupied in your birthday, this friendship,” – said Syutkin in an interview for Woman’s Day.