Валерий Сюткин записал видеообращение к заключенному On March 22, Honored artist of Russia celebrates its anniversary. Valery Sutkin is 60 years old. From early morning the singer and the composer accepts congratulations from friends and relatives. In an interview with “StarHit” the contractor sank into memories and told about the dashing 90.
Валерий Сюткин записал видеообращение к заключенному

In the 90s with person fashionable fur hat in the alley to shoot, and the muzzle of the gun to his forehead for no reason at all to put. The implications of the heyday of banditry, when ruled the roost of the so-called “crimson jackets,” he felt and Valery Syutkin. From 1990 to 1995 he was a soloist of the band “Bravo”. During this period the band recorded their most famous albums “hipsters from Moscow”, “Moscow-bit”, “Road to the clouds”. The group was wildly popular, gave 40 concerts per month.

On the eve of the anniversary – March 22, he turns 60 – the musician said “StarHit” that among their fans there are people from places not so remote…

“In 1992 we went on a cruise on the boat – says Valery. – Then it was a common practice of artists was invited to travel, all paid for, and they entertained the ship resting on the audience. Sailed from Odessa with a stop in Turkey, and home came back through Istanbul. The organizer of the trip was the Golden youth of Riga, and we soon became clear: to speak in front of the lads but the majors…
Валерий Сюткин записал видеообращение к заключенному

The first evening all the attendees poured out onto the deck to see the movie “the Godfather” by Francis Ford Coppola, which was played in the cinema here, under the open sky. The evening passed quietly, and in the morning I’m snoring peacefully in his cabin, was awakened by the firing coming from the side of the pool.

Ran, barely wrapped in a Bathrobe: I’m curious what happens… turns out, young people are under the impression from evening film show about the gangsters decided to follow their example. Pulled white silk robes, and on the head – black mesh. Apparently, take care of the masquerade, brought props. Impressively walked the ship, Smoking a cigar, who was sitting at the table, crossing her legs and played cards.

Deciding that the shots I dreamed, I was headed back home, as I hear firing again. It turned out, two fellow frolic, running around the deck and shoot, thank you, not each other, and towards the sea.
Валерий Сюткин записал видеообращение к заключенному

In the evening all over again watching a movie. At this time, “Once in America” by Sergio Leone. The next morning, which was already expected, yesterday’s gangsters dressed in double-breasted jackets and hats. After discussing such a creative approach to the holiday, we went to sunbathe by the pool. Suddenly we have been approached by one of the “jackets” and explains, saying that a his companion, Bob, was unable to go with us on a journey for a simple reason – he sits. But, he says, loves the group “Bravo” Syutkin and especially. And wants me to keep a prisoner from the stage during a performance of the song’s chorus, “Sure, Bob!” a hand waved, and his friends that on video would be filmed and the tape was immediately sent to the colony.

Wife of hawton, who was lying next to me, quipped: “Valerie, I’m begging you – don’t forget!” With this thought I lived to night, as if not to forget the hi-con pass, and then go know what to expect from these guns.

It was not the only occasion when the group had to come into contact with the criminal world. Somehow we were invited to speak to members of the Congress of youth business in the restaurant in Kazan. Played their half an hour back to the dressing room and suddenly comes to a delegation, and the zone of each of its members firearms. And ask like, what music of today will no longer be? Knowing that truth is on our side, feel free to say that we have worked, as agreed, by the rules, and if you want more songs to pay the fee. And they are saying that you have ten minutes to sing sorry? I stand by the fact that the question of principle: no money, no continue.

Look guys in the eyes of the angry, someone has already fingers on the gun handle leads. In the air hung tense… And then it hit me! There are asking you have a VCR? Organizer from somewhere shouted: “Find, find!” I joyfully say: “We have our magazine autographed give, and will you and “the King Orange summer” and “Love girl”. Fortunately, the intruders this turn up, and they are, taking kindly brought a cassette player and present, have gone up.”

Валерий Сюткин записал видеообращение к заключенному