Валерий Сюткин о стрельбе на концертах, миллионных гонорарах и скандальном меме The musician gave a Frank interview to journalists in which he told about his attitude to recent, high-profile event with the suspension of the Russian team from the Olympics. In addition, Valery Syutkin remembered the shocking incidents at concerts and revealed the size of the income.

This year 59-year-old honored artist of Russia Valery Syutkin not go to the Olympics in Pyeongchang. Its absence in international competitions, singer and composer, explained the change of the outfitter of our athletes. It is known that Syutkin good at communicating with Mikhail Kusnirovich, the head of the popular fashion brand. This time Paralympians clothes company designer Anastasia Zadorina.

In a recent interview Syutkin has shared with journalists with relation to the Olympic games and doping scandal, and also remember dashing 90-e, provocative meme with his face and revealed the size of earnings. The musician admitted that his upsetting recent high-profile events.

“It is sad now to see what happens. But athletes are absolutely innocent. We are very slow to respond, not defend their own. Because they have asthma, they write whatever they want. They operate research institutes. And we have, as I said to the rowers in Athens, vitamin C give: “come on, boys,” shared the actor.

Now Valeriy is actively preparing for the anniversary concert, scheduled for the end of March. The singer is rehearsing a new programme with the Big Band of Igor Butman. And twice a year Syutkin collects one of the capital’s clubs to 3200 seats. Performances are not the only source of income of the musician, who is often called corporate parties. The fee Syutkin – about 1.4 million rubles.

“In addition, there are club gigs, big concerts, social events, awards, presentations, teaching at the University, copyright. The last is a complicated thing. No one knows where the money goes, who collects them, what is the price. Now I have 100 songs in a year from RW I’m up to about a million rubles. However, this one organization. There are still others on the mixed rights, iTunes,” – said the artist.

Over the years, Syutkin’s career has seen a lot. In dashing 90-e with the musician and his colleagues have been every. Sometimes the artists had to perform in front of the leaders of gangs.

“When we were shooting, the riot police came – we saw it all. And the shots were not in someone, but at the ceiling. People delight did so. And the feeling of complete impunity. The feeling that they are on top of the world. (…) In the 90s people had a skewed consciousness. Easy money, thought that preside over the destinies of. But it is impossible to humiliate us. At my age you can only work with prepaid. If you did, go out and work. Play to the fullest,” said the musician.

Syutkin considers that the author should know their rights and demand their strict compliance. Otherwise, you’ll have to speak above indicated in the contract, and any work requires money. To persevere Sutkin had during the scandal with a provocative meme a few years ago. The moderators of the site, where he published fotozhabu with Valery did not want to go to meet him.

“Site administrators said, “We are like Wikipedia, they just provide the platform. It’s not that we put up, and the people. What are you outraged, Valery? – “My parents. Mother looks back: “How can you – you call to beat women in the face?”. Say: “Guys, I did one joke and good. But when it’s two months hanging everywhere and millions of views… Let’s get you clean?” – “This is ridiculous” “Well put yourself. I hate you didn’t ask me”. Then said the boy: “fuck you. Shove your opinion up your ass, you’ll be here to tell us”. Well and received in full. Through the APTLD website removed fuck,” recalls the star.

Summing up scandalous stories, Syutkin said that “we now live in such a world”. According to the artist, people are only interested in negative things. Commenting on the sex scandal with Harvey Weinstein, Valery said that the events – degradation. “Tomorrow you will be in front of someone to apologize. And what is happening in European schools. A child is forced once a week to be a girl, and a boy,” said the singer in an interview for Sports.ru. Syutkin knows what he’s talking about his daughter viola is studying in Paris.