Валерию заподозрили в анорексии

While on vacation in Switzerland, Valeria has decided to please subscribers pictures in a swimsuit. However, among the rave reviews are mingled and not very flattering.

Now the star is on holiday in Switzerland. There she went with her husband Joseph Prigogine and children. A few days Valeria bombarded your Instagram account views of mountains, lakes and cute family photos. But at last, to the delight of fans, the network appeared and the pool.

Valery posted a photo to separate striped swimsuit. The thinness of the star sparked a fierce debate fans. The majority, however, was that the figure perfect. But some have suggested that the star is suffering from anorexia.

“Not always, thinness is beautiful,” wrote @garmash.irina.

“Bones,” simply confirmed @voloshko18.

“Envy silently. Valery, keep it another 20 years!” – stood up for the star @helen210366.

“I agree with everyone: lean, bone and anorexia Shine in the near future!!! But damn it, I want to be but can’t, that’s why I agree with all of the same. Jealous! Valeria, you are done. There will always be haters, don’t listen, listen to yourself and loved ones is the main jury. Good luck to you all,” wrote @webermarishka.

Evaluate the figure of Valerie!

  • It’s perfect
  • Skin and bones
  • She’s good, but a little bit I would have fed

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