Valery Nikolaev will take a series of comedic short films about his recent adventures

Валерий Николаев снимет серию комедийных короткометражек о своих недавних приключениях

All the misfortunes of Valery Nikolaev can be good for him. The recent incident that landed actor, served as the creative impetus for the stars “birthday bourgeois”. As it became known, on the basis of the experience over the last few weeks, Nikolaev is going to make a series of Comedy shorts.

“We are filming short films, the Central characters of which are now becoming, including, and you, the journalists. Some will be about the traffic police, some on television. But I hope all of them will be funny, with good humor, and together we will laugh, when they appear on the screen, — said Valery Nikolaev. — That’s what we do, and a lot more than. But, as they say, you want to make God laugh — tell him your plans”.

The project, which its creators have yet to invent, will be engaged in the production center Valeria.

Later Nikolaev added that he believes the scandals with his participation a positive experience because of them carried only the good: “Everything I have received from it all is good. People are so differently expressed themselves, what’s next is left only the best.”

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