Валерий Николаев понесет наказание за дебош The court issued a verdict in the case against the actor. Valery Nikolaev escaped prison and reconciled with the plaintiff. A police officer asked to withdraw the statement, however, the actor was punished for what he did at the end of February.

      Валерий Николаев понесет наказание за дебош

      Since late February, colleagues and fans of the star of the series “birthday Bourgeois” Valery Nikolaev was worried about the mental state of the actor. In Moscow he staged the accident, did not obey the police and hit a woman on a pedestrian crossing. However, only a few months later, the court issued a decision on punishment of the artist, who was convicted of violence against a representative of authority.

      Valery Nikolaev was threatened with prison term till five years of imprisonment or a fine. Presnensky court ruled that the actor has to pay 150 thousand rubles.

      After the accident Nikolaev ten days spent in detention, and for some time was under house arrest. Relatives and colleagues of the actor could not find the cause of such strange behavior of celebrities. Some saw in these acts the consequence of a deep depression because of work. “For me what happened is a complete surprise,” said producer Alexander Gordienko. In 10 years that I know Valerie, I couldn’t even imagine that this could happen. Him never proceeded even hint of danger. His swearing causes some confusion. On the Playground he was always friendly and open person, generous… Maybe in the movie it was different, I don’t know. He recently got injured on the show, where he replaced Dmitry Pevtsov, he had a torn bicep. Despite this, he played the show, everything was fine. The only, Yes, it was evident that he was very tired”.

      The actor previously admitted his guilt. As evidence, he posted a video message in which he reported that he repented.

      “I appeal to anyone who has followed the recent events in my life. I’m really sorry. For a long time I was in a state of deep stress, suffered from insomnia and nervous tension. In my mind, apparently, messed up the lives of the characters on the screen and real life. And with the role of a normal person I can’t handle. Now the experts help to give me back the psychological and moral health. I see and understand that was out of line, especially against police officers who acted within the law,” – said Valery.

      As informs television channel Ren TV, the victim was asked to close the criminal case due to conciliation of the parties, especially that earlier Nikolaev fully reimbursed the expense of representative government.

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