Valery Nikolaev wife filed for divorce

Супруга Валерия Николаева подала на развод

What for so long gossiped of the Russian media, has occurred – wife of the infamous stage and film actor Valery Nikolaev, 33-year-old circus performer Elmira Zemskova filed for divorce. The star of the series “Bourgeois’s birthday” even have time to comment on their breakup.

The rumors that Valeria nervous breakdown and a series of scandals involving drunkenness of the artist, the guilty turmoil in his family life, went a long time. However, some of the colleagues that protects Nikolaev, hoping that he just misses his wife who is in another country under contract. But it turned out that all the points between them for a long time, and now Elmira has initiated the divorce process.
As soon as the woman was able to come to Moscow, immediately began to pay her second half – to cover the cost of repairing wrecked cars and fines. Edition Linus reports that at this time Valery has continued to disturb the public order.
Learning about the divorce of celebrities, reporters contacted the actor to find out first hand if this is true.
“I’m glad! *** From the field – the Mare is easier” — said Valery. And we’re left to guess who he meant by “Mare” — yourself or spouse.
Recall that for the artist this marriage became the third official. They lived together for two years. Before Elvira, Valery was officially married to Irina Apeksimova and Lyubov Tikhomirova, and consisted in a civil marriage, with Daria Poverennova and singer Tatyana Ovsienko.

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