Valery Nikolaev was forced to apologize to Edgard Zapashny

Валерия Николаева заставили извиниться перед Эдгардом Запашным The artist entered into a settlement agreement with the trainer. According to this document, Valery Nikolaev obliged to compensate the opponent for all court costs. In turn, Edgard Zapashny refuses material requirements to the actor in full.

      Валерия Николаева заставили извиниться перед Эдгардом Запашным

      The Basmanny court considered the claim of the representative of the famous circus dynasty of Edgard zapashnogo to the actor Valery Nikolaev. The trainer demanded from the opponent the amount of 2.5 million rubles. In January, the press reported that he agreed with “world” with the artist. Nikolaev and his lawyer went to meet Zapadnomu and said that they need time to prepare the document. In this regard, the meeting was postponed until Tuesday, February 7.

      Today, the judge, after hearing the positions of the parties approved a settlement agreement between Edgard Zapashny and Valery Nikolayev. Famous the trainer was unable to attend the meeting as was in operation in Germany. At the sentencing hearing was attended by his opponent Valery Nikolaev.

      Journalists reported that the star of “Bourgeois’s birthday” was dressed in a simple classic suit and looked very calm. According to correspondents, Nikolaev took the verdict without emotion. “I’m sorry Edgard Zapashny and valterovich the circus team took it personally,” – said the artist in mass media. Later Valery gave an interview in which commented on the results of the trial. The actor did not hide that is happy with results of the meeting.

      “I’m glad it ended with the settlement agreement. It was our mutual decision,” – said Nikolayev.

      Under the agreement, the actor must be compensated Zapadnomu all court costs in the amount of more than eighty-four thousand rubles. This must be done within three months from the date of signing of the document. In addition, Nikolaev obliged to bring the opponent a written apology, that artist is given two weeks.

      Recall that in June 2016 the actor impartially said about the Great Moscow circus. In the program “live” Valery Nikolaev said that Edgard Zapashny contains predators in unsanitary conditions. In addition, the actor said that in this place are inappropriate for animals.

      After some time the Director of the circus Edgard Zapashny has accused Valery Nikolaev defamation and asked the actor the official denial of his words. Representative of the famous circus dynasty stated that they denigrated his honor and dignity and damage the business reputation of entertainment. As a moral compensation Nikolaev demanded 2.5 million rubles. Later, however, the Zapashny refused financial claims to the actor, according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.