Valery Nikolaev forgot about the divorce

Валерий Николаев забыл про развод The actor said that he and his wife. Valery Nikolaev not so long ago gladly accepted the news about the upcoming separation from Elmira Zemskova. And she the wife of the artist said that it is difficult to live with such a person.

      Валерий Николаев забыл про развод

      Last time around the actor Valery Nikolaev tense. After scandals with the police has information that he’s divorcing his wife, a circus performer Elmira Zemskova. In an interview with the actor of the series “bourgeois’s birthday” quite happily responded to the news that in the near future he will again become a bachelor.

      But now Nikolaev denies that he is divorcing Zemskova. Moreover, a circus artist, which is very often missing in Moscow because of the tour, according to him, even fed him homemade lunch.

      “Are you crazy? I just drank tea with her at home and ate soup with meatballs! I do on this subject to argue do not want. So it is possible to live a long life, ottalkivayas from those who have nothing more to live. I thank God, have something. And Elmira. She now will begin the tour — and great,” said the actor.

      This message Valeria stumped fans. Not so long ago Elmira spoke about what really is going to divorce her husband and recalled that recently he has changed. She noted that the actor was very attentive and caring at the beginning of their life together. Moreover, all their wedding ceremony Nikolaev organized itself, and only Elmira was responsible for festive menus and selected a dress.

      “I married a noble, good man, when he was completely different. So, of course, hurt, sad, sad that we are getting a divorce. But when you offer helping hands to the person and you beat them with sticks, you know, it’s not very nice,” said Zemskova.

      At the end of February Valery Nikolaev was often featured in crime reports, he spent ten days in the detention center for traffic accidents, hit a woman on the road. Later friends of the actor said that in his family life there was a crisis and his wife is leaving him. Elmira itself has stated that it is difficult to live with such a man as Valery. Especially because after the divorce she will have to deal with debt Nikolaev.

      “Valery has left me very a lot of bills and everything else that I have now to disentangle fines on infinity, I haven’t driven my car, and went he and not only he. He lost my rights, I need to restore them now. Need to restore the car, which is now under repair. In short, many gifts I have left, is what to do now,” said Zemskova.

      And now in an interview LifeNews actor claims that information about divorce is not true.

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