Valery Nikolaev again staged accident

Валерий Николаев вновь устроил ДТП The artist has left on an oncoming lane. Now Valery Nikolaev can face a fine or suspension of driving privileges. In the beginning of March actor spent ten days in jail for violation of traffic rules.

      Валерий Николаев вновь устроил ДТП

      In late February, actor Valery Nikolaev became the hero of the scandalous incident. The actor got in an accident – knocked the woman on the tram tracks, which crossed the road. The next day, rammed the car and only then was detained by the traffic police. After the incident, Nikolaev served ten days in detention for disobeying the police. However, apparently, this case learned nothing from the star of the series “bourgeois’s birthday”. Nikolaev was detained again for violating the rules of the road.

      Colleagues of Valery Nikolaev told about the reasons for his depression

      Being on the Third transport ring, Valery decided to go into the oncoming lane. This maneuver did not go unnoticed, and after that he was stopped by the police. But coming out of the car, he decided to walk along the road, talking on the phone. Only after his Affairs, he returned to the car, beside which was waiting for the traffic police, who made the Protocol on violation of traffic rules.

      Recall that in late February, when there was a scandalous case of an accident, Valery Nikolaev did not admit his guilt. According to him, the woman he hit is actually all rigged. “I stopped at the beginning of this islet. The lady jumped on the hood. Then she was crawling. And exactly where there is stoecke, sat down on the chair and drinking coffee. I was offered to release the tracks, because my machine was exactly this, because the tram was moving,” said the artist.

      However, the victim was outraged by such a behavior known to man. “Let him be punished according to his deserts. Today he knocked me down, tomorrow he would run, then said Dinara Nurzullaev. Moving the road off the rails. Literally two or three steps did hit. I do not understand, I didn’t know. What happened to me. I told him: “Where are you going?” He didn’t answer”.

      However, despite the evidence of Nikolaev colleagues spoke in his defense. They noted that now the artist has a difficult period in his life – his wife left him, and he doesn’t see his child. Moreover, in Nikolaev the crisis in the work. All this together caused such behavior.

      It is noteworthy that even the ten days spent in Nikolayev prison, did not affect his behavior. A few days later the artist was again embroiled in a scandal on the road. As LifeNews reports channel, now for what he did, he could face a fine or a driving ban to six months.

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