Valery Meladze shows idyll with his ex-wife

Валерий Меладзе демонстрирует идиллию с бывшей женой
The singer melted the ice with Irina.

Valery Meladze with his ex-wife Irina and their daughters: Inga, Sophia and Arina

Photo: @Instagram ingameladze Inga Meladze

Valery Meladze and his wife Irina on the path of reconciliation. Recently, the communication of the ex-spouses had been partially restored. To bring peace to their relationship was helped by the wedding of the eldest daughter of singer Inga.

In October, for the first time Irina and Valery was found in Morocco in the celebration on the occasion of the marriage of Inga by Nuri Bergeson. Then the ex-wife for two whole days together having fun in the company of friends of the bride and groom. Social networks are still photos from the celebration the daughter of the artist. The last of them, where Irina and Valery demonstrate the idyll in relations, was recently published in the microblogging Inga. She stressed the fact of reuniting the parents with the hashtag “family” and a picture of hearts.

The artist’s fans are glad that 52-year-old Valery was able to melt the ice in relations with Irina, who, as you know, were upset with him because of his affair with Albina Dzhanabaeva. Artist about 10 years hiding from her own relationship with the trust, which became a great shock to her.

In 2014, Valery and Irina officially terminated their marriage after 20 years together. According to press reports, in the same year, Valery married the soloist of group “VIA Gra”, which by then already bore him two sons Constantine and Luca. Albina, for obvious reasons, the wedding of a daughter Meladze not present.