Valery Meladze remembered his first meeting with Albina Dzhanabaeva

Валерий Меладзе вспомнил первую встречу с Альбиной Джанабаевой The producer has supported his wife at the presentation of her program, held in one of Moscow restaurants. During a conversation with journalists Valery Meladze told about the fact that almost immediately fell in love with Albina Dzhanabaeva when I saw her.
Валерий Меладзе вспомнил первую встречу с Альбиной Джанабаевой

Albina dzhanabaeva recently presented in Moscow his recital program. The event was held in one of capital restaurants. Spouse was supported by Valeriy Meladze, the presentation was also attended by his brother Constantine.

Talking to reporters, the husband Dzhanabaeva spoke about how impressed he was by the singer when they first met. Meladze admitted that he immediately fell in love with the singer.

“I remember that feeling. Something started, in my opinion, in my soul, something skipped a beat then. And you see, now what happened”, — said the producer.

According to Meladze, he believes that his wife has enough professional experience. Therefore, the figure of show business, tried not to interfere in its preparation.

Валерий Меладзе вспомнил первую встречу с Альбиной Джанабаевой“Although in terms of choosing the outfit for the performance, the wife consulted me. We stayed on the suit. I thought it was most fitting for the evening. By the way, I love Trouser suits. I think that Coco Chanel came up with once. As for the performances, I believe that the artist should have contact with the audience. Between the albino and the audience needs to be a dialogue,” he said.

Reporters asked Dzhanabaeva, if she listens to the advice of her husband. “Yes, of course, but I think that is more important than support, the presence of a strong male shoulder”, — said Albina.

In the evening he tried to speak with his wife about work. The producer admitted that he will definitely discuss with the albino her statement, but then.

“I recognize we have some things we say or don’t say. We can talk about anything. After I tell her about all sides of the performance. If something was wrong, how not to talk about it? How to fix the error, if they will, of course? And then it will be clear where to move further”, — says Valery.

At the event, at the hearing, also asked to speak about the recent Hollywood scandal with Harvey Weinstein. Many famous Actresses, including Angelina Jolie, accused him of harassment.

DiCaprio, Jolie, Clooney and others were involved in a massive sex scandal

“This, in my opinion, she [Jolie] flatters himself, in my opinion, she is not that beautiful… But in General, men have to women. Just some do it a bit rougher, someone a little more delicately. But if someone takes care of her, nothing wrong with that. I think it may deal a blow as it should, judging by the film, which starred. She had her own way to deal with this”, — said Meladze.

The producer also condemned the behavior of Weinstein, who used the office, and called his rudeness.