Valery Meladze is preparing for the replenishment of the family

Валерий Меладзе готовится к пополнению в семье
The singer said that should not prevent the birth of children.

Valery Meladze

Photo: @meladzemusic Instagram Valery Meladze

Valery Meladze recently admitted he is looking forward to what his family will soon become even more. The actor is preparing to become a grandfather. In conversation with journalists the musician expressed hope that his eldest daughter Inga, recently lavishly celebrated the wedding will not proceed with the pregnancy. Valery is sure to put a career or material wealth above the birth of children is wrong. It is likely that soon Inga with her husband Nori Vergason please Meladze news about the new addition, which he thinks is his.

“I’m very happy about this news, if this be so. In this issue no need to wait for material wealth or career growth. Children should be first and foremost!” — said Valery.

About the wedding of a daughter he remembers as an incredibly joyful and easy event. He was not involved in the organization of celebrations, so he was given the rare chance to be at the wedding a guest, not “ordered” by corporate entertainer. However, Valery did not deny the newlyweds in a small concert for friends. It was under his a song of Inga and Nori performed their first dance. The singer had himself natantsevatsya enough. It’s the first time allowed himself to relax and heartily danced all of two days, which was celebrated the wedding.

“It was a very fun ceremony. Two days we were happy, everything was carefree, reckless and very positive. There were about 130-140 mostly friends Inga and Nori, and some relatives… At the wedding of Inga I did! On the first day slightly, and secondly I gave “dancer”. We’re great together with her danced: all the friends stood around and inside the circle we danced” — shared with Valery.