Valery Meladze humiliated Dima Bilan

Валерий Меладзе унизил Диму Билана
The coaches show “the Voice. The children” had a fight in front of children.

Valery Meladze, Jane and Dima Bilan

Photo: @bilanofficial (Instagram Dima Bilan)

On the set of the next edition of the show “the Voice. Children” between mentors scandal. Its main instigator was the most experienced mentor of the contest, Dima Bilan. The occasion was the presentation of wards of Valery Meladze, performed from the stage to the song Bilan — “Dreamers”. The guys came out on stage in costume and with hair like Dima, and then began diligently to copy his signature moves.

When the report was over and the mentors needed to give their opinion about what they saw, Dima looked grim as ever. It turned out that he was deeply offended by the room prepared Meladze. He found it humiliating parody and directly stated this Valery.

“I, too, in his youth he participated in contests and performed songs Valery Meladze. But I’ve never tried imitating him. What is happening on stage, I think it is a parody. This story is not about the voice!” — resentfully confessed Bilan. Judging by the gloomy mood, Bilan was ready to get up and leave after the performance of wards of Valery set.

Over, fortunately, all is well. After the actors a few minutes figured out a relationship, he came on stage to the young participants and brought Bilan apology. “I would now like together with guys, with absolute respect, Dima, to tell you I’m sorry!” — said Valery. Although I added that I did not plan to offend anyone set the number.