Valery Meladze has hit the Internet pictures from the personal archive

Валерий Меладзе поразил интернет снимками из личного архива Singer step by step winning the social network. Followers were delighted with the publication of Valeria, where he is posing with two huge bottles, demonstrating their physical strength. The post the stars flew over a popular public.
Валерий Меладзе поразил интернет снимками из личного архива

52-year-old Valery Meladze has got Instagram in late November of last year. For several years, the artist dispensed with a microblog, but eventually decided to register in the popular social network. Recently the interest in the page Meladze greatly increased: one of his pictures suddenly spread all over the Internet. The users now continue to share a photograph of Valery poses with two bottles of wine of gigantic proportions. The contractor stressed that adhere to a healthy lifestyle, otherwise it would not be so strong.

Валерий Меладзе поразил интернет снимками из личного архива“For a healthy lifestyle! Fitness 2018!” such said singer signed picture.

Social media users praised the photo Meladze, which was published in a number of popular public servers. The posts with the artist gained thousands of likes and a large number of enthusiastic comments. “Is it possible to love Meladze even more?” “Mood: Meladze,” “And let my actions was not logic, I do not know how to live differently”, “Jock”, “no One is to blame, when in the midst of the masquerade”, “Where can I buy a subscription to this fitness?”, “Turn around, I’m here,” “I since the childhood liked”, commented on the Internet.

Валерий Меладзе поразил интернет снимками из личного архива

Many also recommend others subscribe to the page. on Instagram. According to them, the artist perfectly leads microblogging, posting unusual and sometimes funny pictures and statuses. So, once the singer was photographed next to the words “Office of sprinking and trencsenyi fire-extinguishing systems”.

“Guys, learn these words and baubles erudition on the first date! Success will be assured!.. Or not”, – said Valeriy shotaevich.

In another photo he is posing in a fur headdress. The star admitted that he has long wanted to acquire such vesch. “Finally I’m in the muskrat hat. Dreamed of such a student. Dreams can come true!.. Better that time,” commented a photo of the singer.

In his usual ironic manner Valeriy shotaevich signed and one of a selfie. “That face podtraivaet men preparing to go to work”, – said the singer. Fans appreciated his humor and wrote Meladze compliments. “That’s why the look so good”, “Love”, “Hope you ate a giant Georgian khachapuri,” and “more and More often photographed”, “I am so happy that now you have on Instagram” – discussed by fans.