Valery Meladze has criticized colleagues in show business

Валерий Меладзе раскритиковал коллег по шоу-бизнесу Singer believes that it is time for change on the Russian stage. In the opinion of the mentor show “the Voice. Children”, the majority of artists are creating a product that is uninteresting to the audience.

The singer and mentor show “the Voice. Children” Valery Meladze many years performing on stage, so knows all the rules and regulations established on the Russian stage. According to the artist, each concert involves the same performers, which almost do not change the repertoire. He explained that he always listened to Russian music very selectively.

“Her General background was always so… weird. First ideologically, then, in terms of music and taste. Today when I watch music channels, I understand that there is a battle on the level that I’m just not interested. Not because I’m a snob, not because I talk like a man, discontentedly grumbling at the younger generation. It really is all bad!” – says celebrity.

According to Meladze, the need to reduce the number of awards given to the Russian celebrity, because it is absolutely not important events. The artist believes that the time when the person became a superstar after taking part in “Song of the year” are long gone.

“I have even more claims to the bandstand, and to the General state of the current show-business: not enough composers and producers are able to find a team that will create something bright. Most producers are either husbands, who in music have no clue, or people who are just good at counting money. It managers, but a real producer is the Creator,” – said Valery.

The artist takes the position that many people on stage not doing their job. That is why the audience comes to poor quality music product.

“In show business there is no system, one chaos. Some people come to different professionals: one writes a song, the other arranges, writes a third, fourth, removed the clip – it is not clear what. All work in isolation and without a king in the head. Such number does not pass into quality”, – said Valery.

According to celebrity, he stopped recording albums, as now they are not popular. Meladze not releasing records for nine years, and the band often plays the same songs. According to the artist, that they want to hear the people who buy tickets to the show.

“Record companies are not interested in the release of the whole album: they squeeze from each song to the maximum through the collections. Now everything is really gone to the Internet, the media, no one is buying, only downloading music,” explained the singer, answering questions of the portal of The Question.